Black 1/2" Tempered Fire Glass, Reflective, 20 lb.

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Does your fire feature need a facelift? Give it an upgrade with our ½” Reflective Tempered Fire Glass in Black. Jet black in color, when these fire glass pieces are added to your fire pit, they almost appear to melt beneath the flames. Not to worry, though, as our Tempered Fire Glass is fire-resistant, meaning they won’t melt, crackle, or pop.

Wholesalers USA’s fire glass is built to last, promising bold color and wild shimmer fire after fire. Fire Glass is a spectacular medium for fire pits, fire places, vase filler, art projects (resin, mosaics, etc.), and more!

  • Ideal for Fireplace Use: Fire Glass is safe to use in any gas-based fire feature, and can be used to substitute for faux logs in your indoor or outdoor fire pit or fireplace. Include both the logs and fire glass for a unique look!
  • Beautiful Decorations: Fire glass isn’t just used for fire pits. It’s been used for everything from fountains to epoxy resin art. Still have a lot left after filling your fire pit? Some fun unique ways to use what remains include birdbaths, vase filler, swimming pools, walkways, mulching, mosaics, and so much more. Let your creativity run free!