About Us

About Wholesalers USA

Who Are We and How Do We Sell So Cheap?
Founded on a vision of bringing our customers superior service and exceptional-quality products for the same prices wholesalers pay, Wholesalers USA was first launched in 2002 in Rockville, Maryland. Just as with most furniture and jewelry items, many stone, glass and mosaic tiles have enormous markups if bought from your average retailer. Our goals are five-fold and can be best described using a pyramid.

Customers First
At the very foundation of our business is you, our customer. We still hold firm to the old-fashioned belief that the customer comes first. Without you, we would have no way to support ourselves, our employees or our suppliers. We respect your comments and respond to your suggestions and ideas for new products. Your complete and total satisfaction is the only acceptable outcome after purchasing from our site. If you are less than satisfied, we want to know!

We truly appreciate our employees and consider them our greatest asset. By keeping them involved with every aspect of the company and offering as many perks and benefits as possible, we make every effort to provide a work environment filled with encouragement, satisfaction and growth.

Unlike some major discount retailers that try to squeeze their suppliers for everything they can, we understand that suppliers are people, too! Rather than playing games with or muscling our suppliers, we negotiate a mutually agreeable price that allows us both to make a modest profit. Then, through being efficient in our operations and purchasing in large volume, we are able to keep our costs at true wholesale and pass the savings onto you.