Water Beads - Clear (10 packs, 15 x10 grams)

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V8820-10 (2pack)

Add a fun and attractive element to your decorative projects with these intriguing clear water beads. Once hydrated in water, they transform into delightful jelly-like clear pearls that look stunning when displayed collectively. These versatile jelly accents are suited for many possible creative applications, including use as vase fillers in a floral arrangement or to create an outstanding table centerpiece. Their clear color makes them suitable for all color palettes, so you can use them in any decorative project as a creative complement. You will never get bored with these gel beads as they are reusable for new decorative ideas whenever you need a decorative filler. Simply let them dry out for easy storage, and re-hydrate with water when you’re ready to create something beautiful.

1) Add one package (15g) of Water Beads to 12 cups of water and let set for 4 to 6 hours.
TIP - Use 1 gallon of distilled water to make 50% larger beads totaling 12 cups.
2) Drain excess water and use.
3) Keep beads moist to maintain bead size by spraying with (or adding) water.
4) When finished allow to dry, then store in a dry place such as a Ziploc bag.