Water Beads - Turquoise (10 packs, 15 x10 grams)

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V8827-10 (2pack)

Inspire wonder and admiration in your decorative projects with these turquoise water pearls. They are translucent gel marbles that start out as tiny balls and transform into beautiful turquoise blue gel pearls when hydrated in water. Use to create a water effect in a vase by combining with different shades of blue, or simply let the alluring turquoise color shine on its own. Whether used to create a stunning table centerpiece, or as vase fillers in a floral arrangement, these gorgeous gel gems are sure to inspire visual interest however they are displayed. Be sure to keep them moist with the occasional spritz of water so they retain the desired marble size. Otherwise, when you are ready to put them away, simply set aside to dry out and they will quickly return to their tiny size for compact storage.

1) Add one package (15g) of Water Beads to 12 cups of water and let set for 4 to 6 hours.
TIP - Use 1 gallon of distilled water to make 50% larger beads totaling 12 cups.
2) Drain excess water and use.
3) Keep beads moist to maintain bead size by spraying with (or adding) water.
4) When finished allow to dry, then store in a dry place such as a Ziploc bag.